08 Desember 2011

End of Semester

Oh no!today is the last day of this semester and final exam is just a week away.

I've been missing type on this blog but i felt a bit overwhelming these past months. Just blame on my post graduated study.Some of you maybe dont get the joke on the phd comic but the crazyness is soooo true!

There was my last note for this semester writen on my purple sheet with the amazing kagoshima university ballpoint.The highlight of this semester is the amazing kagoshima university ballpoint, every student in my faculty got this for free by attending the kagoshima seminar. This ballpoint is soooo good. It even made my friend wanted to resuming text book more than ever. It's mitsubishi by the way, you can try to locate it in nearby stationary store.So long class, till we meet again in new year. *closing my book and take a lazy nap*

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