02 Juni 2011

Spending June-July

I always spend my june-july seperatly with baba for the past 4 years.

In June-July 2008 We had to do our internship program for at least a month. I took an internship program in logging and production forest company in Berau,East Borneo while Baba took the program in Lampung, Sumatra.

In June-July 2009 I was so busy working on my final manuscript so i could graduate in Bandung while Baba needed to go to East Borneo for his final project.

In June-July 2010 i still caught up in Bandung mentoring high school students while Baba joint Indonesia Outermost Islands Expedition in Papua

and now.....he's in Pontianak and soon will be in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park for his master program final project. How about me??? I'm still here in Bandung still dont have much to do before i'll meet my high school friends and master program classes,yay!!!

I wonder what will we be doing in June-July next year, and years after??
I believe that Baba will be great ecologist and have some more expedition. I hope he will ask metojoin ones, hehehe....

But for now, I wish him a very good June-July in Borneo!!!

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