21 Mei 2011

The Sign

Somebody told the world that today is a dooms day, and some Russian put that prediction on billboard, it's huge!!!!!!

Anyway, i wont type anything related to the sign of dooms day, instead i would like to share you, clueless teenager, the sign that somebody has crush on you, hohohohoho. I know it's too late, since i'm 24 now,but...the soul of Princess Genovia just enter my body, so i'm young again,yay!!! Well, i reccently read some novels from Princess Diary series and this sign thing cought my eyes.

The important sign is-as Princess Amelia of Genovia wrote on her diary and based on my experience- that everytime he laughs he always look at you just to make sure that you laugh too

Ohhh.....that's so true!!! My baba still does it until now, he always look at me everytime he tells funny story or laughs, how cute.....!!!

So, teenagers, i hope you wont be clueless after read my post. I wish you a very good luck for your love live!

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