01 Mei 2011

The Risk

You maybe familiar with this wise line
The one who will be succsessfull is the one who has courage to face the risk
Well, guess what, instead of facing the risk,i was crying over it. It was the moment when my mother's hugs and "hush, dont cry" touch didnt work. It was my mom's hugs that cure me from high school heart broken or when i was so frustrated with collage tests. This time, the magical hugs has no charmed in it.

I thougt i was an easy going person who lived my life like dirftwood in a river, "que sera, sera!" was my favourite quote. Now, i can't say that quote, because i 'm not ready of "whatever", i want some acceptable possibilities. I dislike the possibilities ahead.well, I fear the possibilities,and it broke my tears...

It was the risk i couldnt face

It was all about money




it's called soft loan, but i dont think it's as soft as it's sound.

After the talk and the mind storming, i'll try to face the risk!!!I've walked too long to just turn my way and i know my beloved ones will support me. So in the end, the magical hugs and beloved ones that encourage me to walk hand in hand with the risk.

So, take it, every one, the risk that will ride you to the life you've dreamed

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Anonim mengatakan...

cha cha... did u ever wondering how easy life was years years ago..

However "unready-ness" (geez is it word?) we are, it will come.

Whatever your problem was/are, I hope u could still smiling there dear friend.

Btw:why oh why magical hugs was not magical as time goes by,,, yup when we younger it was really2 magical.. but now, it just a comfort one.