04 Agustus 2010

Ah, Why did everybody think so?!

I want to forget this phenomenon, but still it has left me a wound, darn!

Everybody thought that i am a magister student, well, not everybody, but many people so i can replace it with everybody. The fact is i am not, but i do want to be but i can not because it needs a lot of money MySpace

So, being unable to be, being wrongly identified, being a doughter who had a father that didnt know her situation, and being a women who had pre menstruation syndrome, made me to highest level of rage......MySpace
and sadness....MySpace

and this situation remind me of another situation.....

I liked somebody, but he was already in a relationship with another girl. Well, i could accept this, but the hardest part was many people said she looked like me. I had been wrongly called, wrongly identified as her, and i felt terrible...If she looked like me, why did he choose her?not me?!

but, My dear Lord save me the best. They broke up....and i have a wonderful boyfriend now.

So after the rage and the cried myself to sleep, I know, My Lord just save the best for me.MySpace

3 komentar:

Unknown mengatakan...

yes ichaaaa.. there will be a great scenario behind.. keep praying and hoping and carving out to get your dreams.. your dreams will come through (like travis's song : love will come through.. *agak ga nyambung emang. ahahaha)

om hamzah niii gmn sihhh.. ga tau anaknya lagi pms.. ehehehe..

cup cup muach!!!

i am waiting for avatar's review.. :D

Unknown mengatakan...

Saya cukup mengerti apa yang Anda rasakan,,,

icha mengatakan...

makasih mahe, walupun anda tidak melalui fase pra menstruasi sindrom...mau bagaimana lagi...eh, kan mau taun depan!!!!TAHUN DEPAN!!!!!