11 Februari 2011

My recent up date

i miss post on my blog.
but my pillows are calling me, so here are my recent up date...

1. i'm going to have biodiversity survey in Mt. Tanggamus, Lampung for 3 weeks. To get you more jealous, i will be guarded by national army, yes those guys with six packs stomach and guns in their hands,muahahaha....well the best part is off course to have my first expedition with leeches along the way to the summit. i've been dreaming about this since years ago but without the leech....i will post my culture shock as civil in military environment later

2. i'm going back to school. Classes and assignments are going to be my new best friends. Well, i need scholarship,so pray for me please.

3. I get more classes at my office, so that means more money, hooray!!!I can afford my body shop product  my first school tuition.

4. My 8 months kitten gave her first labor yesterday, yes she is still kitten. So, i have 4 kitten now. If you want one or two of them, just let me know, i will give them to you for free.....i dont have enough room and money for 4 cats. The young mother really takes care her children, it's very amazing for kitten mother.

So thats it!!!

Happy long weekend, my friends! Im gonna spend it in Situ Lembang, practicing biodiversity survey with my army body guard  partners.

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